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Hailing from the whirlwind, whackiest weathered city in the Americas- Chicago native Angela Evans seeks to traverse among the varying seasons of words. Sometimes these are as leaves, detailed and distinguished as the city's fantastic architecture. Other times reveal stormy torrents intermittently two-stepping with clear, blue skies. Constant is the intent and reason for season, blowing this gal forward to mysterious destinies ahead. Visit for more.

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2014 wraith. Rolls-royce.
As the most powerful Rolls-Royce make in history, the Wraith is a formidable automobile in the most

2013 mkz hybrid. Lincoln.
Borrowing from the rich history of Lincoln motorcars and the beauty found in nature, Lincoln designe

2014 audi rs7.
German car manufacturer Audi debuted the 2014 RS7 Sportback four-door coupe at the 2013 Auto Show in

Ro chair. Jaime hayon for fritz hansen.
Ro was created with room for tranquility. And tranquility is exactly what "Ro" means in Danish. Span

Ricochet. Daniel rybakken.
Debuting in Milan 2012, Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken's 'Richochet' installation builds upon pr