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bookman + notabag reflective bag & backpack.


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Our friends from Bookman, the Swedish bicycle accessory brand Bookman and German Notabag are bringing you the Notabag Reflective Bag & Backpack this Fall. The product is a clever combination of a bag and a backpack made from high visibility reflective material. With a pull of the straps it quickly transforms from a bag to a backpack and is ideal for cyclists since its design lets you use both hands for riding. The Reflective Bag & Backpack makes the cyclist really stand out on the street at night, and it also works great for pedestrians and skaters.

“Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design were my mantra during the process of developing Notabag. I’m somewhat obsessed with simplicity and functionality, and wanted to apply that approach to every aspect of Notabag.” Adnan Alicusic, founder of Notabag.

“When Adnan approached us with his enthusiastic personality and showed us the Notabag, I knew right away that I wanted to do something together with him. The Notabag was already near perfect but making it reflective adds a useful function for cyclists. Not only does it enhance safety, but it also gives the bag a sharp look both in daylight and when lit up by beams of headlights.” Mattis Bernstone, Creative Director of Bookman.

The Notabag Reflective Bag & Backpack is available from [ bookman ] [ notabag ] and selected retailers worldwide from October 2015. RRP: €30/$35.

· price: $45 usd

producer: bookman + notabag
period: 2015

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