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Edge light. Amanda levete.

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An innovation in light design can be found in the Edge, conceived by Amanda Levete in collaboration with Philips for Established & Sons. Edge is said to have been designed to show off OLED technology, an OLED being an extremely flat, lightweight panel. The panel resembles a mirrored surface when switched off, but when a current is applied, the panel lights up and emanates a soft, even glow. Dubbed Lumiblade by Philips, OLED is considered a breakthrough in lighting technology, because it does not flicker, glare or emit excessive heat as traditional light bulbs can be known to do. The Edge part of this design comes in the form of the light’s flat ribbon of steel twisted into a self-supporting form, complimenting the nature of the OLED. A groove cut into the steel, along which the cable runs, is a feature meant to exaggerate the object’s fluidity. Two OLED panels are positioned beneath the topmost angle of the steel form. Edge is recommended as an ideal task light.
The diameter of the head of the lamp is 400 mm.
Additional details and pricing available at Established & Sons website.

designer: amanda levete
producer: established & sons
materials: power-coated or polished stainless steel, electric components
period: 2010

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Object ID: 5677
Category/function: green · home office · lighting · Producer A > K · task lighting

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