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Zero s. Zero motorcycles.

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Former NASA employee, a gentleman by the name of Neal Saiki, recently introduced his ground-breaking electric Zero motorcycle. The unique cycle has the appearance of a motorcycle/bicycle hybrid, but operates powered by an 80- pound battery, amassing a total of 225 sleekly crafted pounds. The battery has a life expectancy of about 5 years, during which Saiki hopes improvements and innovations to the bike will prove it is as upgradable as he intended it to be. Unless you’ve got dough for days, the estimated 10 G price isn’t quite the bang for your buck. However, the cutting-edge motorcycle can take you from zero to 60 (mph, that is) in flash! The Zero can travel a total of 60 miles round-trip before needing a recharge. This “electrimoto”, as dubbed by Engadget, is a quiet, smooth, eco-friendly ride into the future of transportation…

producer: zero motorcycles
material: alloy
period: 2000s

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