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Kora Kopieniak is a graphic designer with an eye for architecture. Enjoys both the PC and the Mac. Favorite foods include pizza, crepes, and watermelon Visit for more.

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Sonos sub.
Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design. One-button setup. Fills any room with deep, clear HiFi so

V60 pour-over scale. Hario.
Hario designed this scale to work with their Drip Station pour over stand and V60 dripper.

It can be used on it’s own to weigh anything up to 2000 grams (about 4.4 lbs.).

A Drip Station sits perfectly on top and allows easy access to the controls and a good view of the digital display. We like the sleek matte black appearance and the flat surfaces make it easy to clean. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) and measures 1⅛” x 7⅝” x 4¾”.

producer: hario
period: 2013


Coffee vault. Friis.
Full flavor starts with fresh coffee. The Friis Coffee Vault blocks out light, air and moisture to s

Vase 25-29. Angie anakis.
This design by Angie Anakis consists of a vase in molded enameled ceramic with a removable conical g

Rug d 754.1. Gio ponti.
Gio Ponti, the designer of the d 754.1 rug was an architect, painter, teacher, and author aside fro