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ns double pylon by moulton.


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The ultimate moulton takes spaceframe construction to a new level. Stainless steel ‘pylons’ replace head and seat tubes to further increase stiffness. Sublime ride comfort and breathtaking looks. A stainless steel frame, wishbone stem, hydrolastic rear suspension and flexitor front fork give you perhaps the most advanced bicycle you can buy.

Launched in 1998, fifteen years after the introduction of the am space frame, the new series moulton is equipped with a radical new suspension system and benefits from further weight-saving making a faster and more comfortable performance machine. Whilst sharing the architecture of the now legendary am series, the flexitor and hydrolastic suspension systems of the ns offer increased refinement and improved ride comfort.

In contrast to large bicycle wheels, the smaller moulton wheels are immensely strong. Their lower moment of inertia allows faster acceleration and more responsive steering. Smaller wheels also reduce the overall length of the bicycle, making it compact and easier to transport.

producer: moulton
period: 2012

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Object ID: 38315
Category/function: aerospace · cycles · design · outdoors · Producer L > Z · sports · steel · travel

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