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There are three sizes of knives in this range. The 15 g knife claims a 55 mm blade, the 27 g knife claims an 80 mm blade, and the 37 g knife claims a 100 mm blade. These lengths also apply to the other series. The measured lengths of the cutting edges for the two we received are 54 mm for the 15 g unit and 94 mm for the 37 g unit. The 37 g knife is 100 mm blade from the tip to the centre of the pivot

Ultra-light 420 stainless steel blade, tatanium finish. Secure liner lock system. Belt clip.

Ultra-light knife performs on par with the biggest: it has a comfortable handle, secure lock system, belt clip, and, of course, an ample blade that cuts to perfection.

Crafted with the utmost care and with respect to both the craftsmen and the environment, products are sold all over through the world.

Products are manufactured or hand-crafted with materials both traditional (wood, horn, high-performance stainless steel) and modern (plastics, resins, nylon). Deejo pay particular attention to the manufacturing process from the compilation of the preliminary design sketches to the production of the finished product.

Designers develop new items and rethink traditional ones by focusing on functionality (weight, size, handling, comfort, grip) and aesthetics, without neglecting the essential element of all our products: the pleasure of handling and using them.

price: $25 – $35 usd

designer: deejo
period: 2014

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