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closer by diego grandi for zucchetti.


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Closer is the most eclectic of Zucchetti’s recent creations. Dynamic, flexible and iconic…this new showerhead reinvents the movements we associate with showering capturing the taste and sensitivity of a public that is searching for new experiences in the bathroom, both from a sensory and functional perspective.

“Movement was an essential concept for me right from the start, to the extent that I always imagined this piece set in the centre of the room, so that the whole environment becomes ‘the water’s space’, not just a certain part of it”, said designer diego grandi.

Closer distances itself from the usual formal references, instead offering a truly original, creative and functional reimagining of the shower column. It recalls the aesthetics of a lamp, and embraces all the poetics inherent to the idea of balance, capable of renewing itself and changing its appearance without warning. The cylindrical counterweight ensures that the showerhead is stable in any position and at any height, and acts as a visual counterpoint within the overall composition.

It has a total of three joints, each of which has wide scope for multi-directional movement. This allows many different spatial configurations to be created, which in turn translates into an equally wide range of methods for the user to control and direct the jet of water, for a personalized bathing experience free from all restrictions.

category> wall mounted adjustable shower head
finishes> chrome, soft touch black (N7)
measures: double arm version length max 810 mm, height 315 mm
single arm version lenth 400 mm, height 315 mm

designer> diego grandi
producer> zucchetti
period> 2015
awards> designplus 2015, good design award

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Object ID: 39314
Category/function: bathroom

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