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lifeline gosafe by philips.


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The Philips Lifeline GoSafe home and mobile medical alert system is a state-of-the-art system that combines the best features of both traditional home alert systems and existing mobile personal emergency response systems in the market today.

The main benefit is it’s a complete in-home and out-of-home system that operates easily through two main devices (console and pendant). The button is waterproof and it can be used while being charged. The mobile geolocation technology goes beyond GPS. The system employs other intelligent tracking technologies like wifi and cell tower triangulation to establish the physical location of the senior user seeking help.

The alert system consists of 2 main parts: a base console unit and a pendant. The console unit is plugged in at home. It works the same way as a traditional home personal emergency response system. When an emergency happens, the senior can press the help button on the pendant and be connected with the monitoring center.

This same GoSafe Lifeline pendant is worn by the user when he/she leaves the house. The pendant is tracked by using multiple geolocation technologies that could pinpoint the location of the individual if he/she presses the button. In addition, the pendant is equipped with a cellular speakerphone, so that the user can establish two-way communications with the monitoring center operator.

price: $29 usd/month

producer: philips
period: 2013

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