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Donky bike. Ben wilson.


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The steel beam running through this compact bicycle by British industrial designer Ben Wilson means it can carry heavy loads on its front and rear platforms.

Ben Wilson came up with the Donky Bike after noticing that mountain bikes were being used on city streets. “Bicycle use in London was growing rapidly, but many of the bikes on the street seemed unsuitable for urban use,” he says, explaining that he wanted to combine the load-carrying ability of a Dutch model with the strength and simplicity of a BMX.

The resulting design has compact 20″ wheels and is designed to handle well even when moving through traffic at low speeds, as the weight of its cargo is distributed through the steel beam rather than hanging off the handlebars.

Wilson tested different methods of attaching cargo but settled on the standard bungee cord, as it offers the most flexibility and is widely available. To park up, riders can either lower the footstand or stand the whole thing on end so that it rests on its rear platform and wheel.

It comes in lime green or black. It’s also made from widely available components that are easily repaired or replaced, ensuring its longevity.

designer: ben wilson
period: 2012

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Category/function: cycles · outdoors · storage · travel

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