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classic fusion tourbillon firmament. hublot.


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The new Classic Fusion Tourbillon Firmament is a watch that gives the term “precious metal” a whole new meaning.Unique to Hublot, this is the first time the metal Osmium has been used in a watch.

Hublot-CF-Osmium-5Osmium is arguably the rarest metal on our planet. In the same metal group as Platinum, Osmium is in fact the hardest and densest metal of all, weight in at an astonishingly massive 22.6 g/cm3.

Osmium is found in platinum ores and is so rare that approximately 10,000 tons of platinum ore will contain a mere 28 grams of osmium. Platinum is a rare enough metal, and yet when comparing global reserves, there is approximately 13’000 tons of platinum, as opposed to around 200 tons of osmium.

What Hublot uses in the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Firmament is the crystallized form of Osmium, formed from a unique process developed by a team of scientists and researchers in the neighboring Swiss Canton of Valais. This process enables the Osmium metal to reach its melting point of 3’033°C degrees, changing its structure and transforming it into Osmium crystal

Hublot-CF-Osmium-1Housed in a 45mm polished and satin-brushed black ceramic case, the Osmium crystal is incorporated into the skeleton tourbillon movement, filling the spaces between the bridges.

With crystals varying in size from a tenth of a millimeter to just a few millimeters, Osmium has a unique metallic blue sparkle that evokes the image of a clear and starry night sky, hence the name “Firmament”.

price: $13,700

producer: hublot
period: 2014

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