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beolab 5. david lewis by bang & olufsen.


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BeoLab 5 is based on an all-digital platform, making it ‘alive’ and able to react to various events, through automatically re-programming its software. Four ICEpower amplifiers deliver 2500 Watts of power, and dedicated software monitors and counteracts temperature gains, ensuring that BeoLab 5 can play at high volume for long periods without risk of damage.

BeoLab 5 is crafted in anodized aluminum with acoustic lenses in matte black plastic and brushed aluminum. The loudspeaker rests on a circular and adjustable foot, and the cabinet containing the bass drivers is covered in black cloth.

price: $23,725 usd
materials: cabinet: composite cover: fabric
colors: cover: black, white
dimensions: 49 cm x 97 cm/61 kg

designer: david lewis
producer: bang & olufsen
period: 2005

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