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Wi-fi plant sensor. Koubachi.

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The Koubachi Wi-fi Plant Sensor is to plants, what Rosie the Robot is to the Jetsons. Well, kinda. This plant sensor is the solution for black thumbs who want to be green thumbs, as it diagnoses plant health and gives exact care instructions accordingly.
The sensor is about 6-inches in length with a bulbous head containing the light and temperature sensors, while the sensor’s spiked bottom plants firmly into any potter, containing the sensor that measures soil moisture.
The Koubachi sensor monitors and logs the plant’s main environmental conditions comprised of: soil moisture, surface moisture, fertilization, temperature, and ambient light. Although it initially takes the plant sensor a week to properly sync and store the plant’s conditions, getting a read will take mere seconds going forward.
The gadget boasts user interfaces with iOS devices or the Web, you just have to download the free App. Once you’ve created an account through the website, you can enable email or phone alerts containing plant care updates and instructions.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; outdoor sensor is rainproof and weather resilient.

Dimensions: 60 mm x 110 mm x 170 mm
Weight: 110 g
Connectivity: 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, iOS and Web App
Battery Life: Over a year
Battery Type: 2x AA

designer: harbeke and behrmann; nose design
producer: koubachi
period: 2012
design award: red dot 2012

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