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Stemie bicycle stem pad. Jnp manufacture limited.


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Designed to cover and cushion the stem joint of a bike, Stemie is a flexible bicycle stem pad that reduces impact, for example on cross-country rides. Inspired by placing one half of a tennis ball onto a bicycle stem, the durable silicone shell with its adjustable strap fits most bicycle types. Simple graphics on the package explain how to use the product.

Growing up BMX riding and latertrail bike riding, I was always aware of the bicycle’s stem (the component thatfastens the handle bars to the bike frame) and the implications of landing onit.

On most bikes, the stem protrudestowards the rider – a painful thing to hit.
Stemie is a flexible stem pad,designed to cover stem joints and reduce impact between the bike stem and yourbody.

Inspiration came from placinghalf a tennis ball on to a bicycle stem. Stemie’s unique shape and durable silicone shell with adjustable strap fit onto most bicycles.

– Stemie’s unique shape fits most mountain, urban and road bikes
– Yes, there’s still room for an ipod on the stem
– Stemie’s lightweight shell and strap combined are less than 60g

designer: cameron snelgar
producer: stemie
award: red dot 2012

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