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Remee sleep mask.



Remee: The REM Enhancing Eyemask from Bitbanger Labs on Vimeo.

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Remee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams.
Using low profile electronics hidden in a comfortable sleep mask, Remee supplies customizable light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize, allowing you to take control. Whether you’ve only just discovered lucid dreaming or you’re a veteran trying to get lucid more often, Remee can help!

The heart of Remee lies in the six LEDs that serve as your touchstone to the waking world.
Using our online tool, you can personalize your dream signal!
Brightness – From 5% to 100% of full strength
Patterns – Choose from 13 unique light patterns
Speed & Repetition – Fast & slow, looped 1-3 times
Initial Delay – The wait before Remee shows your Signal
Signal Delay – The delay between each Signal

At just a bit less than 1oz, Remee is as light and comfortable as a normal sleep mask, but with much more inside!
Remee’s flexible circuit is protected by a shell of 2-ply foam shell: a thin, durable EVA inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer. This insert sits inside a sleek sleep mask constructed of strong, breathable front material with a soft knit rear material for maximum comfort.

The key to Remee’s tech lies in its Flexible Printed Circuit, which allows Remee’s electronics to conform to your face in a way that traditional circuit boards can’t. The result is a Remee that can be bent, twisted, dropped, sat on, and most importantly, slept with.

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