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Msr reactor 1.7l stove system.


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The MSR Reactor 1.7L Stove System is an innovative, fast-boiling, fuel-efficient, windproof cooking system. Ultra-efficient, the radiant-heated Reactor 1.7L Stove System boils a liter of water in just 3 minutes! This ground-breaking stove is coupled with an integrated 1.7 liter cooking pot for use as a compact unit.

The Reactor 1.7L Stove System’s state-of-the-art burner utilizes two modes of heat transfer, convective and radiant, to ensure that maximum performance is achieved in varying conditions. The burner is enclosed in a heat exchanger, protecting it fully from the wind and positioning heat directly where you need it, underneath your cooking pot. As a result, heat loss is minimal and cooking time is greatly reduced. An internal pressure regulator equalizes fuel pressure and guarantees a consistent heat output in all temperatures. This frees you from worrying about poor performance in cold weather and makes certain that you are best able to take advantage of any and all fuel available in your fuel canister.

The 1.7 liter aluminum cooking pot is designed to work hand-in-hand with the stove itself. It is compact and lightweight enough for solo trips, but large enough to boil water and cook for up to 3 people. The pot is also designed to hold and carry the entire Reactor 1.7L Stove System as a single, compact unit. Together, the stove and cooking pot weigh a mere 17.5 ounces.

The MSR Reactor 1.7L Stove System utilizes 4 ounce or 8 ounce canisters of MSR IsoPro fuel (sold separately).

producer: mrs
award: gear institute’s best in class award 2012
material: aluminum
period: 2012

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#1 Margarita Law on 07.08.13 at 1:44 am

This is great for camping and outdoor cooking most specially if there is no kitchen and you are out in the bush. I think this is what my husband was looking for. I will let him check this out.