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Mission r. Mission motors.


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The Mission R electric superbike is Mission Motors’ performance development platform. As one of the most advanced vehicles on two wheels, the Mission R demonstrates that EVs can perform on par with ICEs in one of the most demanding applications: motorcycle racing.

A statement—and challenge—to the rest of the world, the Mission R motorcycle represents the highest pinnacle of production motorcycle development in the world. Utilizing state of the art components coupled with advanced production methods, the Mission R is the future of two-wheeled performance.

The Mission R uses the production version of the race-proven InfiniteDrive™ powertrain from Mission RS. It is the highest expression of production electric propulsion technology. Contained within a package one-tenth the size and weight of an equivalent traditional internal combustion engine (ICE), it provides the next generation of superbike power.

Engineered around a 120 kW (160 hp) electric motor, the InfiniteDrive™ powertrain is controlled by the most advanced electronics and traction control package ever seen on two wheels. The Mission R is able to immediately unleash 120 ft/lbs of torque starting from 0 rpm and process thousands of calculations per second to seamlessly control traction. The InfiniteDrive™ powertrain redefines traction control by moving beyond ICE measures of cutting spark and fuel, and in doing so expands the possibilities of superbike performance.

160 hp at the rear wheel. 120 ft/lbs of torque beginning at 0 RPM. 150 mph top speed. 0-60 in under 3 seconds. ¼ mile in 10.492 seconds. The Mission R has zero-compromises when it comes to performance.

Brakes & Tires: Stopping power and response is enhanced by the Mission R’s Brembo M430 monobloc calipers gripping 320mm semi-floating front discs and Brembo 2 piston rear calipers mated with Brembo radial master cylinders. Coupled with the same fully adjustable regenerative braking system as the Mission RS, the Mission R allows a level of control unparalleled amongst its competitors.

Suspension: Riding on a 43mm Öhlins inverted front fork and Öhlins rear shock, the Mission R carries the highest level of base equipment offered on any production motorcycle today. By leveraging the decades of track and street experience Öhlins offers, the Mission R offers a degree of control that lives up to its race bike heritage and design.

Wheels: The Mission R is equipped as standard with forged aluminum Marchesini wheels. Using every aspect of our design to reduce unsprung weight and inertial forces felt by the rider enables the Mission R to drop into turns and carve out the perfect line in every corner. Note: the video is the limited edition Mission RS.

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