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Lytro camera.

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Dubbed as one of the most important gadgets of the year, featured among 9 others on Gizmodo’s 2012 list, the Lytro camera differentiates itself among its comrades for its light-field sensor technology. According to the brand, it is the first consumer camera that enables you to record the entire light field, “all the
rays of light (11 million of them) traveling in every direction through a scene,” rather than a 2-D image. This permits the photographer to refocus shots after they’ve already been taken.
The appearance of the Lytro is unique in itself, featuring a rectangular, tubular anodized aluminum casing that makes up the body of the camera, and comes in five metallic colors. The lower portion of the camera is distinguished by a precision-tooled silicone grip that enables effortless single-hand shooting. The shutter button is observed as a soft circular indentation within the grip, resting slightly above the slider that controls optical zoom.
All camera functions can be directed with a tap or swipe across the touchscreen, while photo composition, reviewing and refocusing can all be done against the backlit display.
Finally, Lytro contains both Everyday and Creative modes to achieve a range of desired results. Manual Controls engage additional options for modifying light in the scene and add to the variety of ways you can capture a shot. The ISO range is 80 (min) to 3200 (max), and the minimum shutter speed is 1/250. You can also lock exposure and control the ND filter.
Mac and Windows compatible.
Height: 1.61 inches (41 mm); Width: 1.61 inches (41 mm); Depth: 4.41 inches (112 mm); Weight: 7.55 ounces (214 grams)

designer: newdealdesign
producer: lytro
material: anodized aluminum and glass
period: 2012
design award: core 77

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Object ID: 23592
Category/function: aluminum · awards · concept · gadgets · Producer L > Z

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