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Lifehammer evolution.

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Lifehammer Products created the first ever car safety hammer about 30 years ago, designed by Helmut Lechner in reaction to being trapped in his car after an accident. Today, we see the concept built out a step or two further, and with recognition as a reddot 2012 design award-winner.
The Lifehammer Evolution and the Lifehammer Plus illustrate simple enhancements to the product design. The Lifehammer Evolution is recognizable by its flat hammerhead. When the Evolution is pressed against a car window, an ultra-hard ceramic hammerhead will pop out and immediately shatter the window, reloading automatically. This action can be repeated as necessary. The Evolution is a safer option for child use, should that be the case, because of its blunted shape and straightforward mechanism.
The Lifehammer Plus features a double-sided carbon steel head that effectively shatters a car window as it strikes.
Both models have non-slip grip, conical shaped handles with integrated seatbelt cutters. Lifehammer recommends to cut one’s seatbelt first in case of emergency.
Each also comes with an easily mountable Quick Click System holder that can be mounted on the inside of the car door. The click adapters can be attached to either side of the mounting system, and are rotatable 360 degrees for optimal positioning.

designer: helmut lechner
producer: lifehammer
material: ceramic, carbon steel
period: 2012
design award: red dot 2012

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Category/function: autos · awards · carbon · ceramic · concept · Producer L > Z · steel

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#1 Archie on 01.19.15 at 2:43 pm

The Lifehammer is a great product that you hope you never need to use. But if you are ever in an accident where your seat belt is jammed or you are immersed in water and your car windows won’t open, you will give your right arm for a life hammer. Trust me, I’ve been there.