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Isis. Big ass fans.


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If you have a spacious room with a high ceiling in your home, no doubt you struggle with keeping the space comfortable. If you’ve tried to improve matters by using ordinary ceiling fans, you’ve likely found that they are primarily designed for small rooms and can’t solve your problem. The reason: with their small motors and flat paddles, they simply can’t move enough air to make a difference. What you need is a serious air moving machine… something that circulates an ocean of air that can be felt from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Isis® from Big Ass Fans is that bigger, better solution. Precision built using industrial-grade components, Isis from Big Ass Fans is the world’s only fan engineered to dramatically improve circulation in large residential spaces such as foyers, lofts, patios, conservatories and great rooms. Isis circulates an ocean of air-the equivalent of NINE standard ceiling fans- that can be felt from floor to ceiling and wall to wall but at a monthly operating cost of less than pennies per day.

Isis improves airflow in large spaces using an extraordinary combination of features – SIZE, SHAPE, AND SPEED – that work together to create air movement.

Size: with Isis, this is one situation where size definitely matters. Isis is available in diameters of 8, 9 and 10 feet over twice as large as most standard ceiling fans. Size is one reason that Isis is able to move so much air. In fact, a single Isis moves more air than nine standard ceiling fans. So, regardless of where you are in the room, Isis will bathe you in a comfortable current of air.

Shape: The patented design of the Isis airfoils is key to its effectiveness. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, they are, in reality, specially-designed wings. Long and narrow, these airfoils generate high lift and low drag, enabling Isis to create a horizontal floor stream blanketing an area of up to 1600 square feet.

Speed: The SIZE of Isis and the SHAPE of its airfoils mean that Isis doesn’t need to run at high speeds to keep you comfortable. On average, Isis revolves at 1/5 the speed of a standard ceiling fan, creating a massive, non-disruptive air current. Operating at 10 times the efficiency of a standard ceiling fan, Isis is simply the quietest, most efficient ceiling fan in the world.

The award-winning Isis features industrial components, precision balancing and a fully customizable style. Available in anodized aluminum, dozens of colors, wood finishes, vinyl wraps, pin striping and custom graphics, Isis can reflect your own unique style in a big way.

producer: big ass fans
period: 2010

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