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Advanced bionics neptune waterproof cochlea implant processor.

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Neptune cochlear implant technology enables those who are deaf to hear but not when water is part of the equation. Neptune is the world’s first swimmable and fully submersible cochlear implant sound processor. Neptune’s durable and waterproof design gives users unprecedented freedom to hear in all conditions for the first time, without fear of damage from water or dust. Product Creation Studio partnered with Advanced Bionics to commercialize the revolutionary Neptune system and its peripheral components.

Technology this important have to be tough. Out engineers developed a mechanical design that incorporates a 13 pin connector, transducer headpiece port, on/off button, indicator light and battery door, all of these accessed daily. These features had to play nice with Advanced Bionics electronic package and our designer’s architectural direction while maintaining an IP-68 rating. Users don’t care about that enough. All they know is that they can hear in any situation in or out of the water.

Neptune is designed to be worn off the ear which provides more comfort and flexibility for users. Gone are the days of heavy and uncomfortable and restrictive cochlear implant processors. The elegant and petite design developed by Product Creation Studio gives users the option to tuck it away and be discreet or wear it out in the open as cool as technology. Minimizing stigma, and making the device fun, was a priority for the Neptune development team.

The system features one of the most advanced hearing technologies for noisy environments, optimal language development and the greatest enjoyment of music. Using an extremely lightweight processor, the world of sound may be enjoyed comfortably and discreetly since this device can be worn in the wearer’s hair, collar or pocket. Its appearance can be changed in seconds by mixing and matching battery covers, which are available in a range of different colors.

producer: advanced bionics
designer: product creation studio
award: red dot 2012

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