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500e. Fiat.


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Fiat has never hidden the fact that its 500e electric car had been developed primarily for compliance reasons, thus there was little surprise when it was announced that sales would be limited to the state of California, at least, initially. It’s a mixed blessing because confining 2014 sales to California allows Fiat ( or the state ) to build an intra structure of charging stations, something all the all-electrics need.

It also looks like Fiat may have reason to speed up plans to offer the 500e in other states, however, as news that the car is already sold out for the year has emerged.

The 500e Because is an all-new, all-electric vehicle. The 100% battery-powered FIAT® 500e yields zero tailpipe emissions without compromising style. Ugliness is the worst pollution of all. Italian styling, instant torque, strong and smooth acceleration and more aerodynamic bodywork result in this environmentally sexy citizen.

Newly designed 15-Inch cast-aluminum wheels make the car lighter. Other enhancements include larger rear wheels that allow for better rear-handling and all-season tires that include low rolling resistance and aid in “miles-per-charge” distances. Wheels available: 15-inch Bright Wheel Finish (Standard model) and 15-inch Dark Wheel Finish with inserts (e-Sport model).

FIAT® 500e seating selections are designed with premium materials and attention to detail. Available in leatherette with cloth inserts, reclining front seats feature distinctive headrests plus the EZ entry pull handle. Rear-fold flat seating is divided in half to maximize passenger comfort and cargo loading versatility.

Your FIAT® 500e is always just a tap away. With the app you can check the battery and tires, schedule a charge and even precondition the climate so it’s just right when you’re ready to go. Or use it to find your FIAT 500e in a crowded parking lot, unlock the doors, navigate to the nearest charging station and more.

A Level 1 (120v) charger comes standard with the vehicle and needs to be plugged into a dedicated electrical outlet+. A Level 2 (240v) charger, which can be installed in your home+, is also commonly found at public charging stations. In California alone, you can already conveniently find up to 1,066 public charging stations at workplaces, cafés and public parking facilities.

producer: fiat
period: 2013

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