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Sky rider balance bike. Smart gear.

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The Smart Balance Bikes by Smart Gear see the concept name through as your child pedals their way towards learning how to ride a bicycle, sans the pedals. The idea behind this “balance bike” is to teach your child a fundamental handle of balance and motor skills. The child will sit and run or walk with the bike, push off with their feet and coast when and for as long as they feel comfortable maintaining their balance. If they feel themselves begin tipping to one side, they can simply plant their feet down to prevent falling, and direct their bike back to an upright position. Balance and coordination are the key skills that enable a child to successfully ride a bicycle when ready, and the Smart Balance Bike aims to do just that. The Sky Rider model features a pretty, sky blue, non-toxic lacquer finished body constructed primarily of wood harvested from a renewable source. The bike parts are secured together using formaldehyde-free glue to ensure safe play for your child. All of the smart bikes boast adjustable seat height to grow with your child, with 5 height positions adjustable from 13.5 to 17.5 inches. Designed for children two years and up, and not more than 60 pounds. The smart balance bike also features: pneumatic rubber tires with extra long tube valves, rubberized handle bar grips, cushioned leatherette seat, spokeless disk wheels, limited steering radius (to prevent jackknifing) and a dainty carry handle built into the bike’s body.
Available at Smart Gear for approximately $90.

producer: smart gear
materials: sustainable birch wood

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