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Skike vx twin roller skis.

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If you have ever wanted to cross-country ski and inline skate simultaneously, your time has come. Previously dubbed by Wired magazine as the “most dangerous object in the office” upon review, the German designed Skike VX Twin Roller Skis borrows from vintage air to breathe fresh havoc into a new, multi-terrain concept.
While Nordic roller-skiing has been around for some time, the design of the Skike has innovated the concept by employing 6″ pneumatic tires at both the very front and rear of the ski, connected by a lightweight aluminum frame that can be fitted to your own shoes. The heavy duty tires allow for solid traction on smooth paths and rougher, slightly more off-road terrain. A patented, adjustable brake system has been built into the Skike for safety.
The triumph for the Skike VX Twin is a free-heel system that functions to allow both a classic or skating technique, the latter giving users a more ski-like workout. Simply lock the heel into place for classic skating, or free the heel to lift up and employ the one-way ratchet wheel for some all-terrain skiing. The VX Twin can be purchased with or without two rollerski poles.
Weight: 2.5 kg Tire diameters: 150 mm Ball bearing: 608 Z industrial quality

designer: skike
producer: skike
material: aluminum
period: 2012

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