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Reggie. Saltwood paddles.

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Saltwood Paddles are a true stroke master’s delight — remember the topic is watersports folks. The small Portland, Oregon based company was founded to scratch its own itch for a better paddle.

The Reggie, one of their four trademark models alongside the Habit, Sweet T and Double Happiness, is a particularly innovative take on carbon/wood laminate hybrid design. Its hollow wooden shaft is coated with a thin fiberglass sleeve to deliver the right balance of heft, size, and flexibility.

Aggressive right and left hand indices are standard on every shaft as well, which run flush with the top for comfort and an incredible sense of control. The business end is similarly optimized and features a 667 square centimeter surface with a light-swinging composite carbon fiber and fiberglass blade, wrapped around a mid-size balsa core.

Taken together, the Reggie is a more than capable pusher for both short bursts of speed or longer distances. While it’s available in lengths ranging from 180 to 210 centimeters, even the longest model weighs a portage-friendly 32oz. How it’ll fare in your next floating sword fight is something you’ll just have to evaluate on your own.

The blade face is spoon shaped and flat with no dihedral. The blade is asymmetrical and has a pronounced tip. The back of the blade does have a fairly wide spine in it that is filled with a balsa core for float and strength.

producer: saltwood paddles
materials: wood, composite
period: 2011

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