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Mindport. Lista office.

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Open-plan offices allow many people to work together. But it is not always easy to have an environment to fit workflow requirements at any given moment. Mindport by Lista Office LO was designed with the aim to create surroundings in an open-plan office that suit different ways of working while at the same time supporting communication or concentration depending on requirements. The new office furniture concept is meant to offer efficient use of floor space and optimal acoustics. With this in mind, the design of Mindport by Lista Office LO unites the two extremes of office planning in an innovative way. Six different spatial units can be combined to create a variety of work environments. This office furniture system can therefore easily adapt to the complexity of the world of work. The flexibility of its units promotes the workflow. At the same time, Mindport by Lista Office LO gives users privacy when required and a comfortable place to withdraw. All elements feature a steel-based design that is compatible with the other elements and can be dismantled into modular steel shells which contain all the technical equipment.The presence-activated lighting of the system has a low energy consumption of 60 watt maximum and a standby of 11 watt. As the design of these elements is independent of a particular building they can easily fit any architectural environment. Thanks to their fresh and clear design language, they make for an agreeable work environment.

designer: klaus michel
producer: lista office AG
period: 2011
award: red dot 2012

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