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M1. Anon.

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Anon is about to change the way you see in color.

Skiiers are accustomed to having to change their lens tints in response to different weather and light conditions, but the process is generally cumbersome. Rimless goggles aimed to facilitate the process, but nonetheless require that a skiier stop, remove the goggles, and snap the new lenses in place. By contrast, in the ‘magna-tech’ system used in the anon ‘m1’, lenses are attached to the frames via built-in magnets. Users can swap tints in and out without even removing the goggles from their faces.

Magna-Tech is the ultimate in effortless lens change innovation, it’s the fastest and most advanced solution to swapping lens tints to date. Magnets are constructed in the frame and lens making the engagement / disengagement process simple enough to swap lenses without even taking the goggle frame off your face. No matter what conditions the mountain throws at you, the M1 will have you covered.

Goggle Features:
*Magna-Tech – This allows for super fast quick changing lens action.
*Spherical Lens – To help you see more.
*Full perimeter Channel Venting – Less prone to fog.
*Pivoting Flush Mount Hinge- For a comfortable fit.
*Low Profile, Light Weight Frame- Also for style and comfort.
*Triple Layer Face Foam- Why have only have 2 when you can have 3?
*Spare Lens with all frames! – So you can choose which lens will work best for varying conditions.

producer: anon
period: 2012

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