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Liturgical elements. Lotte van laatum.

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Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands was bestowed a holy gift from Dutch designer Lotte van Laatum. The Liturgical Elements are clearly inspired by elements and materials that harken back to grand Cathedrals and Biblical history, but Lotte van Laatum graces this collection with a modern interpretation of relic.

The concept of light and all of its spiritual and metaphorical meanings influence each of the liturgical pieces, and was the starting point for their design. Lotte van Laatum considered how the concept of light might have a positive affect on patients of the hospital. The designer has mentioned on his website that light in his creation for the hospital has important symbolic significance in that it represents divine harmony and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Van Laatum says light is the secret of the Creator.

He describes the auditorium of the hospital as a neutral space lacking natural daylight, without any “ecclesiastical” architectural details, and one where oecumenical services are taking place. Therefore the concept is for light to come through the church windows, illuminating the liturgical elements.

Many of the pieces in this collection are constructed using a combination of Jerusalem stone and Lebanon cedar. Jerusalem stone literally hails from the geographical location, and the Lebanon cedar is said to be described in the Old Testament as lining the interior walls of the Temple of Salomon.

Van Laatum drew from symbols of divine and perfection, by conceptualizing the circle and sphere church window designs to represent such attributes. The other materials and ideas used to design each piece of this collection has not only some form of aesthetically communicated meaning, but appears clean, light and raw in a refined, open space. All elements harmoniously come together to project a distinctively divine style that is too fresh to look antiquated.

The designer goes into greater detail about his special assignment to create the liturgical elements for Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam in the ‘projects’ section of his website, where you can read more about the planning and execution of this stellar commission.
note: these objects are unique limited editions. please contact the designer for further information.

designer: lotte van laatum
material: wood
period: 2011

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Category/function: accessory · wood

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