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freekey system. exotac.

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Swapping around keys on a regular keyring is a pain in the nails, and Freekey key ring makes it incredibly easy to put keys on without having to worry about prying the rings apart with your fingernails. The Freekey is designed in such a way so that you can press down on the opposite end of the ring and have the opening lift up without much effort.

The Fenix Freekey System is a welcome upgrade to the common spiral key ring that somehow has remained stubbornly difficult to use. Say you’re going for a run and want to separate a key from the bunch: Pressing one side of the ring forces the other side open far enough to easily slide the key out (or in) – a process free of both frustration and fingernail pain. Each quick-release key ring comes with three group rings to help you organize your sets – or lend spare keys to the neighbors.

producer: exotac
materials: stainless steel

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Category/function: accessory · gadgets · gift idea · outdoor · play >> · Producer A > K · sports · stainless steel · Value

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