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Boomerang 8 paraglider. Gin gliders.

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The Boomerang 8 has a speed range on the bar in excess of 30km/h, stable across the whole range. Gin has applied his many years of experience of making wings stable at speed to this new generation of 2 liners. You can stay on the bar for longer and the wing gives feedback that makes it easy to follow lifty lines.

The Boomerang 8 climbs like nothing else. It auto-centres in thermals, leaving your mind free to concentrate on the task at hand. If you get low, its ability to crank into rough or broken thermals might save your day. Gin has worked hard on co-ordinating the roll and yaw response of the wing. It can be made to roll easily for the initial thermal entry, and then turn flatter with more yaw once established. The leading edge panel design also helps the glider spring upwards when you hit surges of lift.

In general flight, the Boomerang 8 has an easy, shock-absorbing character for the level of performance it offers. It expresses the original philosophy of the Boomerang line—that to fly fast, and to win, you must, above all, feel comfortable.

producer: gin gliders
materials: kevlar, built to last, from reassuringly strong and durable materials
period: 2011

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Category/function: aerospace · kevlar · outdoors · Producer A > K · sports · travel

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