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Bicycle light. Blink/steady.

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Easy, Secure, Beautiful. Machined from solid aluminum, the Blink/Steady bike light turns on automatically and shuts off when you’re not riding. There’s no need to remove it when you lock up because it’s secured by your seatpost. Our elegant, low-profile design is the bike light you’ve been waiting for.

On and off – on its own. The Blink / Steady bike light uses an accelerometer that knows when you’re moving, and a light sensor that knows when it’s dark enough to turn on. After you lock up your bike, it turns off after 30 seconds. No buttons, you’ll never have to think about your bike light again.

Blinking or Steady. No more clicking through blink patterns because Blink / Steady has two dead simple, but equally effective options. Blink / Steady operates in Blink Mode if installed one way; flip it over and it works in Steady Mode, holding a bright, but evenly distributed light. Using its accelerometer, it knows which way is down.

Beautiful and Incredibly well made in the USA. Every part of the Blink / Steady bike light will be made in the USA. Our own CNC shop in Brooklyn will machine all of the aluminum parts and we’ll work with American suppliers, finishers and injection molders for all the other components. Keeping it local gives us greater control over production, which ensures incredible attention to detail and finish for your new light.

Hard to steal. Other anti theft bike lights are heavy and bulky. Ours is low-profile, beautiful and hard to steal. Just slide it over your seatpost, lock it down with the soft-tip set screw and re-install your seatpost. All with just a 2mm allen wrench (included).

AAA batteries and efficiency. In our tests, the Blink / Steady bike light lasted for over 200 hours of continuous run time! Even with our motion and light sensors, the light still runs twice as long as other leading bike lights. When you eventually need to change the batteries, just find two AAAs at your nearest corner store.

Distributed light pattern. Most bike lights use reflectors or optics to concentrate their LED’s light into a narrow beam. This is great for being seen from very far away but it’s not necessarily what you want for riding in the city. A narrow beam also means your light must be oriented precisely to be properly seen. Blink / Steady emits a very bright but distributed light from its two .5W LEDs that is visible from nearly 180 degrees. Other lights might look brighter from a mile away, but Blink / Steady will make sure that you are visible by the car about to run you off the road from two lanes over.

Sensors. The Accelerometer and the Photosensor work together to figure out when the bike is moving and when it’s dark enough to turn on. Through extensive testing, we’ve created a lighting system that won’t be fooled by headlights or accidentally turn off at a traffic signal. The sensors and processor spend most of their time in an incredibly low power sleep mode and won’t needlessly drain your battery.

Small, Secure, and Waterproof. Blink / Steady is small, not much bigger than the two AAA batteries inside of it. The bracket is made from the smallest possible amount of material and deforms to grip your seatpost when tightened. The nylon tipped setscrew won’t mark your seatpost (even if it’s carbon) and the clamp won’t loosen up from vibration. Blink / Steady fits most common seatposts from 31.6 to 30.8 and 27.2mm down to 25mm diameter. A Lexan window in the rear and an o-ring between the bracket and housing keep water out.

designer:  benjamin cohen, stuart heys, mark sibenac
producer:  blink steady
material: solid aluminum
period:  2012

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