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Blind board 8.25 skateboard deck.

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Blind Skateboards was introduced in 1989 by pro skater Mark “Gonz” Gonzales under Steve Rocco’s World Industries domain. The name “Blind” was an intentional difference of Mark’s former sponsors Vision Skateboards. The company has since left World Industries and continues to operate under the ownership of Dwindle Distribution.

Blind Skateboards offers four deck treatments that rival most other construction-minded brands.

Eternal Life skateboard deck featuring Texalium: The newest and latest development in deck construction from Blind Skateboards. This design consists of a composite weave (aluminum-epoxy glass) insert that enables the deck to withstand twice the force of a standard 7-ply deck.
Blind Skateboards resin decks that replace the standard glue in efforts to build lighter, more durable quality decks. The Resin-7 is lighter and stronger of its successor the 7-ply skateboard. Blind Skateboards also has the Resin-8 that is stronger than the Resin-7 and 7 ply skateboards and has a weight equivalency of the standard 7-ply skate deck.
Blind Skateboards Resin-V: (V for vertical) Develop from the design of Blind Skateboards’ other epoxy constructions by introducing its vertically laminated core. The construction designs that are integrated make for a relatively longer life span compared to the average decks.

The Blind Message Board Deck is built to last with high-quality materials, solid construction, and the coolest graphics. Whether you’re skating street, ramp, pool, or just looking for a sidewalk cruiser, we have all your skateboarding needs covered.

This Blind Skateboard Deck is 8.25 inches wide. This is for a skateboard deck only, don’t forget to add grip.

producer: blind
period: 2012

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