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Axa nano 50 plus. Cantitoe road.

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The first LED bicycle light with an intelligent lighting control, which puts out 50 lux units of light with the help of the unique Intelligent Beam technology. It adjusts automatically to the speed at which you are biking. Features a USB port located on its neck mounting, which offers the ability to charge via most USB ports that charge cell phones, navigation devices and iPods. The “Steady” means the Nano Steady Switch light will stay on when the bike stops, up to 4 minutes. This keeps you visible at stop signs and traffic lights. The “Switch” makes this perfect for a hub dynamo, allowing you to turn the light on and off as you need it.

Tech Specs
• Perfect for use with a hub dynamo (bicycle head lamp can still be used perfectly fine with a side running dynamo).
• Very strong 50 lux LED lamp. Best in class dynamo light.
• Very large light distribution, including the area to the front sides of your bike.
• Sleek, compact design.
• Switch for turning the lamp on and off, as you need it (perfect for hub dynamos).
• Mounting bracket with 2 axles for optimum adjust-ability in both height, as well as forward and back directions.
• Lighting Cables integrated.
• Water and shock resistant.
• Works in rain, cold, sleet, and snow.
• The light stays ON when you stop, up to four minutes.
• Meets German (StVZO) and French regulations. Some of the toughest and strictest bicycle regulations in the world.

producer: cantitoe road
period: 2012

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