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Scavenger landsailer/uberdragster. Uberstix.

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One man’s junk is another child’s play thing. It can be, anyway, with the Uberstix “Scavenger” Recycling Set- Landsailor/UberDragster. A creative and playful way to teach children how to be resourceful and see everyday materials in a new way, this building set by Uberstix is designed to fuse traditional building toy pieces like Legos and Knex with found materials, such as popsicle sticks, rubberbands and straws, to build functioning little vehicles.
The kit contains two scavenger lists and 150 building pieces. Once all of the scavenger list items have been collected, it will be time to combine and assemble the pieces together to set their creations in motion. The Landsailer coasts along propelled on by the wind, while the UberDragster is best suited to zoom around self-constructed tracks.
The ultimate recycling adventure can be had and had again, with endless possibilities just waiting to be discovered by your ingenious little engineer.
Ages 8 and up. $21.60 from amazon.

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