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Power house alternative energy science kit. Thames and kosmos.

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It’s like preparing pre-teens to audition for Lost, but with a lot more science. The Power House, developed by physicist Uwe Wandrey for Thames & Kosmos, is a kit containing over 20 building projects and roughly 70 experiments, designed to introduce adolescents to regenerative energy sources, while integrating basic principles of physical science.
Transforming and using heat and light energy from the sun, energy from the wind, as well as electrochemical and plant energy are all key directives of this bountiful kit.
You can use the materials found in the Power House to build a model house decked out with solar panels, a windmill, greenhouse and desalination system. Other newfangled sustainable energy goodies you can build include an electric train, solar hot water tank, hygrometer and more.
What will people eat on the island? Why, watercress, sauerkraut and chewing gum, of course! As if the model-making and experiments were not captivating in and of themselves, the instruction manual goes beyond informational and further into the realm of awesome by centering around the story of a group of island dwellers who must figure how to live sustainably on the resources afforded them by the island’s natural habitat. (Ahem, Lost) The details cited in their journal entries regarding various projects and experiments serve as a guide for the young scientist’s own endeavors. Ages 12 and up. About $150 through Thames & Kosmos. (or check Amazon for sustainable savings!)
Complete Power House contents and details are available at

producer: thames and kosmos
materials: foam board and plastic

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