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Nike hindsight glasses.

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Nike hindsight gives you unparalleled vision.

Stay one step ahead of irresponsible motorists. The Nike Hindsight gives you superhuman-like powers with extended peripheral vision so all those sneaky cars, beware.

They work similar to bifocals except for your peripheral vision. By using fresnel lenses on both sides of the glasses, riders can detect motion in a field of view beyond the normal human limit of 180º. If you want to get technical about it; high power, diverging fresnel zones aligned vertically distort into view an extra 25º on both sides. Vision is radically distorted in the periphery, but as the eye detects only motion in that area, little clarity is lost in the process.

A rider’s clear benefit is in the early warning of approaching vehicles, but a less obvious advantage is reducing the necessary head rotation to check behind. Tho it was intended for bicyclists, there’s a myriad of sports and activities where a greater field of view becomes an advantage. As for me, I would totally wear these 24/7 to keep this one particular friend in check. He finds it funny sneaking up on me. My nerves are shattered enough. I can’t take it anymore. I need these shades.

Designer: billy may
Producer: nike

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