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naomi by take2.


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No nut will be able to resist it! The Naomi nutcracker by Take2 Design connects elegance with ready witted accuracy.

The nutcracker from Take2 is placed on top of the nut to be cracked, if you wish to crack it! The base is held with one hand and the handle is pulled upwards with the other hand. Then the handle must simply be released. The bolt will crack the nut immediately. This isn’t only funny for children but it is also an unusual method to crack nuts of all kinds.

The spring loaded nutcracker is made from stainless steel with a silicone ball on the end of it, weighs 5 ounces, and measures 2.5 inches in diameter x 4 inches in height.

A clean thing to be done: The coil spring of the Naomi nutcracker from Take2 Design has some more positive qualities. The splinters of the nutshell won’t fly around because the spring catches them. The extravagant concept with surprising functions is responsible for the Red Dot Award, given to the nutcracker from Take2 Design.

· introduced = 2013 ambiente
· material: stainless steel, silicone
· Suggested price: $20 usd

designer: Take2
award: 2013 red dot
period: 2013

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Object ID: 38739
Category/function: accessory · awards · entertaining · gadgets · gift idea · kitchen · stainless steel · tools

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