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Writing set. Ystudio.


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How long haven’t you picked up a pen and write heartedly? Write to your relatives or friends. Indulge yourself in the tranquility writing blesses you. Between the lines you can see your missed lover, and taste the deep touch in the letters. With the love in characters and raw materials, we would like to tell you a story on writing via YStudio Stationery:

In the hands, the brass, with the intense golden yellow, is gradually mild, deep with the ages, and piles up forefathers’ works full of wisdom; the feel, a bit heavy, always reminds us that we should honestly be responsible for every character we have written down. Today, let’s turn off the computer and revive the fading culture with the sincerest love, feel the warmness of writing and the weight of characters.

‧ Pure brass and copper. With the heaviness of the materials, the user can be reminded of the concept “the weight of characters”. The ineligible weight will always remind the user to be fully responsible for every character he has written down.
‧ We specially select materials which will be changeable with time. Bronze and wenge wood are both light, fresh and pure in the beginning, but will be darker with more writing, fused into the writings of the user and past memories and thus the concept “warmness of writing” is brought up.
‧ Fine cut metals, with simple and rustic wood, balance the weight and feel. Without protective finish, the user can directly touch the realest and warm texture of materials.
‧ Make deeply carved product logos, with the expectation that this deeply carved mark would be the same in dozens of years’ daily writing.
‧ Inside the box is also a card with product concept, as well as the information on the models of alternative materials.
‧ The auto pen and ballpoint pen are made of the most pristine materials, to reserve their original tastes.
‧ Combine Taiwan design and traditional crafts, implying local life and culture in Taiwan.

Materials: Brass, copper, phosphor bronze, wood box

producer: y studio
period: 2013

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