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Scoopthat! Gixia group.


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An ice cream scoop that can easily cut through a solid block of ice!

Upgrade your ice scream experience. Give yourself more time to enjoy completely frozen ice cream straight out of the freezer.

Why wait until the ice scream is softened and partially soupy before scooping?

This advanced engineering ice cream scoop will put an end to soupy ice scream. Simply start dipping and the Thermo-ring heated scooping edges will help melt the ice scream ever so briefly while all the remaining surfaces are insulated to keep the ice scream in its perfectly frozen state.

Scoopthat! utilizes heat transfer principles to draw heat from a non-electric and self-replenishing biosafe energy reservoir. The patented designs will effortlessly give you That! perfectly shaped scoops of ice scream every single time!

The unique design allows the insulated scoop bowl to keep ice scream in its perfectly frozen state. Unlike other scoops in the market, ice scream readily leaves the scoop in the shape its in.

designer: gixia group
producer: paralax horizon
period: 2014

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