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Mylon. Mykita.


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Mykita Mylon blurs the border between fashion and sports. State-of-the-art design coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability make these spectacles both an outstanding sporting companion and a perfect everyday accessory.

All Mylon models boast individual adaptability, low weight and outstanding durability. The key is a polyamide-based material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer. The evolution of the Mylon frames began with a new production process that promised to revolutionize the history of design when launched in the late 1990s; Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) enables the creation of three-dimensional objects as desired. Layer by layer a polyamide powder is turned via laser into objects that are fed in before hand in data form. Today SLS is primarily used to make prototypes, with only few sintered products having become everyday commercial items.

In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with the polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of spectacles. After years of research MYKITA developed a complex process that creates a sophisticated finish in six steps and gives the frames a unique visual and tactile appeal. MYKITA named the new material MYLON and has since won recognition for the development process in the shape of the 2011 iF material award. The collection was honored with the Red Dot design award in the field of product design.

Mykita eyewear collections have won a variety of design awards since the company was founded in 2003. Click here for a list of all design-related awards. View Awards

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period: 2011

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