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Multiplicity collection. Fuse project.


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Landscape forms has announced the introduction of multipliCITY, a collection of sustainable outdoor public furniture. created and developed in partnership with yves behar from fuseproject, ‘multipliCITY’ integrates the fundamentals of mass production and carbon-reduction through flat-pack shipping. the flexible furniture system includes seven elements: a backed and backless bench, table, bike rack, path-light and single-sided and double-sided litter receptacles. the several components are made up of standard mass produced structural parts, which include cast aluminum frames and brackets, and locally sourced hardwoods.

‘we started to think of a systemic approach where structural elements are fixed, such as feet and brackets in cast aluminum,’ explains behar, ‘multipliCITY allows for local materials and local taste to be expressed in the furniture, giving architects the ability to make it unique every time, while lowering shipping and carbon costs. our material choices reflect the intent of the system.’

The sculptural shapes of frames and volumes outline a distinctive profile that is identifiable at a distance, while refined joinery and transitions from flat to convex surfaces become visible at closer proximity. the benches and tables are substantially scaled, with generous wood boards that offer a familiar softness to the touch.

‘the system is made of multiple bench variations, tables, bike racks, path lights and trash bins. in today’s experience of our cities and parks, too often there is little consideration for the way the furniture is used,’ adds behar. ‘we wanted multipliCITY to be interactive, a user- centered experience with surprising functionality. our benches can be configured with a table affixed to the back, to lay a sandwich or a computer on its welcoming surface. the bike racks have a standing height wood surface, making it easy to lay a messenger bag, phone or keys while the bike is secured to its base.’

designer: fuse project
producer: 2014

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Object ID: 33545
Category/function: aluminum · cultural & education · cycles · display & wayfinding · furniture · new > · outdoor · outdoors · public space >> · seating · seating · urban planning · wood

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