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manual coffeemaker no.1. craighton berman.



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Manual Coffeemaker, or MCM, is a pour-over coffee maker that lives on the countertop in a home or office, like a low-tech appliance. Hot water is gradually poured through fresh ground coffee in a filter, and brewed coffee slowly drips into the carafe, or even directly into your mug.

The handmade sculptural glass form of MCM provides full visibility of the process, while the “double-wall” design effectively retains brewing heat. The wooden base is intended to develop a patina over time, similar to a well-aged cutting board.

Manual—or “pour over”—brewing has become popular in the world of craft coffee, because it gives full control over all of the variables in the brewing process. More control means you have the ability to adjust and perfect your recipe to better highlight the nuanced flavors found in today’s high-quality craft coffees.

MCM takes inspiration from manual coffee brewers of the past, but completely redesigns the experience with a new form. Other manual brewers have more in common with pitchers or kitchen funnels, while MCM is designed to be a beautiful freestanding appliance—an appliance you truly love to see on your kitchen counter day after day.

Because it brews by the cup, it’s also ideal for use in a small office or studio, when you’re just making a fresh cup for yourself.

Manual is a new brand by Craighton Berman—a designer, illustrator, and creative director based in Chicago. Craighton has work in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and was the first designer to use Kickstarter to launch a product. Based on this background of high concept design and DIY attitude, the aim of the Manual brand is to design products that celebrate the aesthetic experience of food while providing essential utility.

price: $80 usd

designer: craighton berman
producer: manual
period: 2014

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