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Horological machine no5. Mb & f.

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For 2013, MB&F announces this new limited edition version of the Horological Machine No 5 (HM5) watch in 18k red gold. aBlogtoWatch reviewed the MB&F HM5 watch here when it first became available in 2012. This fifth edition of the Horological Machine legacy is inspired by driving watches (and cars) from mostly the 1970s. The wedge-shaped case displays the time on the side, visible through a sapphire crystal prism that magnifies the hour and minute indicator discs for increased legibility. Originally in all zirconium (similar to titanium) this new HM5 RT version comes in a case using parts made from 18k red gold as well as titanium.

Inspired by the rear windows on some 1970s and 1980s sports cars, these louvres allow light to enter the case. Why? Light falls on where the discs that indicate the time are located and allow their luminant to be charged so that one can read the time in the dark. Small holes in the case act as “exhaust ports” allowing any water that enters this section of the case to exit. The movement itself is fully cased and prevents water from entering it. Light is simply hitting a section of the sapphire crystal prism.

Inside the MB&F HM5 RT watch is a unique automatic movement designed by the team at Swiss Chronode. The disc that indicates the hours “jumps” to indicate the time more precisely. Visible through the rear of the case, you can see the MB&F battleaxe style automatic rotor in 22k red gold.

Attached to the same retro-futuristic rubber strap, the Horlogical Machine No. 5 RT retains the bold looks of the original. It isn’t a watch for everyone, but as we stated in our original review, the watch is exceptionally well done for what it is. MB&F will release the HM5 RT as a limited edition of just 66 pieces at a price of $82,000.

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