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Dark side. Michael malapert.


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Michaël Malapert launches a second collection based on the shape of the object and explore a new functional vocabulary. 3D printing is now part of our everyday life. In opposition with the first collection, DARK SIDE creations are inspired by numerical modelling softwares reinterpreting and focusing on Origami know how (a traditional Chinese art of paper folding). Only the graphics skeleton of the object is maintained while the material is reduced to maximum.

This collection revisits various typologies of the basketry activity showing the dark side profile of these objects. By proposing DARK SIDE, Michaël Malapert shows that 3D printing allows to produce wired solid structures with delicate curved lines.

The faceted forms of these 3D-printed wireframe bowls and vessels by French designer Michaël Malapert are inspired by the Japanese art of origami. The bowl, plate, vase, candle holder and desktop container are based on archetypal forms, which are subjected to a digital process that turns the surfaces into faceted shapes.

Malapert said the folded paper forms produced by experts in origami influenced the angular geometry of the designs, which are reduced to a structural outline. “[The] Dark Side creations are inspired by numerical modelling softwares reinterpreting and focusing on origami know how,” explained Malapert. “Only the graphic skeleton of the object is maintained, while the material is reduced to the minimum.”

The products can be used as containers, lanterns or ornamental centrepieces. They are printed by laser sintering, where a polyamide powder is scattered then fixed with a laser one layer at a time. They can be ordered in red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. Dark Side is the second collection to be launched by Michaël Malapert through his M Family website, where customers can either order the objects to be printed or download a file to print them themselves.

designer: michael malapert
producer: the m family
period: 2014

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Object ID: 33316
Category/function: accessory · furniture · home office · new > · Producer L > Z · storage

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