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Xtr extreme. Yaktrax.


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The XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction by YakTrax mounts onto most footwear–allowing you to walk or run with confidence on snowy and icy surfaces. Equipped with patent-pending, high strength steel spikes and chains, the XTR enhances traction while resisting rust and abrasion. To prevent snow build-up, the XTR is equipped with flexible yet sturdy toe and heel plates that won’t take on snow. A natural rubber out-band offers a secure fit on most footwear–allowing you to wear your favorite shoes in the snow. Built for frigid conditions, the XTR can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit.

YakTrax’s exclusive spike design enhances traction while getting rid of snow buildup. The Anti-Snow Pack Plate in the front doesn’t allow snow to stick to it. In addition, XTR’s spikes and chains are made with high-strength carbon steel that resist rusting and abrading. You’ll get years of use out of these snow cleats.

Designed for off road adventures during the winter months, Yaktrax cleats will help get you out of the cave and back to your normal, outdoor routine. Wearing them, you’ll have the ability to confidently hike and run over all outdoor trails.

Don’t hibernate. Get out and stretch your legs in the wintertime. You’ll be healthier and happier. A pair of YakTrax XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction Ice Cleat Shoe Chains 08505 will keep you safe and steady while you do it.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Outsole: Natural Rubber, 10% Recycled Content
Chains: Stainless Steel, 80% Recycled Content
Spike Plate: Manganese Steel, 80% Recycled Content
Colors: Black Only
Weight: 11.7 – 15.6 oz.

producer: yaktrax
period: 2013

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