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Tubecore duo. Tubecore audio.


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Tubecore Audio’s Duo began as a Kickstarter project and has since gone into full production, reaching far beyond their initial fundraising goals as a result of the enticing features and beautifully simple design. The Duo features XBMC media center, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HDMI capabilities which allow it to stream high definition audio and video. Also equipped with RCA for records and two USB ports, it can be used to play or charge any USB device, or a hard drive could be plugged in, allowing it to use any media files which can be chosen wirelessly using a phone or tablet. Two amplifiers are implemented in the Duo, a 30W mono block amplifier for the 3″ long-throw subwoofer located on the underside and a 100W solidstate primary amp which drives the two front-facing 4″ composite cone reference drivers, not to mention the two single phase vacuum tube pre-amps for which this unique device is named. If it’s technical prowess could be overshadowed by anything, it would be the Duo’s looks. Each one is built by hand out of grain-matched mahogany, a wood famous for it’s rich tone and beautiful finish. A single machined aluminum dial located on the top controls power, volume, and media source, and the fabric grill which is available in 10 standard colors, or for a small fee, an additional 27 colors is held in place with magnets, so if you enjoy having your speakers without a grill as I do, it’s just as easy to remove as it is to replace. With or without the grill, the tubes that give this media center its warmth and clarity are featured dead-center, blending modern technology and design with the retro appearance but superior sound of tube amplification.

producer: tubecore
period: 2013

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