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Sweat bee. Big ass fans.

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Big Ass Fans is the leading manufacturer of huge ceiling fans for large industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential settings. Big Ass Fans range in size from 6 feet to 24 feet in diameter, using low horsepower motors to generate energy-efficient air movement for large spaces. Big Ass Fans can be used year round to provide occupant comfort and energy savings. There are over 60,000 Big Ass Fans installed worldwide in applications such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, horse arenas, dairy barns, stadiums, art galleries, restaurants, health clubs, zoos and homes. Product solutions include Yellow Jacket, Pivot, Sweat Bee, Powerfoil X2.0, Powerfoil 2.0 Plus, AirGo, Element, Isis and the new Haiku designed for residential spaces.

The Sweat Bee™ utilizes heavy-duty industrial components and an efficient motor to exterminate uncomfortable working conditions in a variety of industrial settings. Mount it to a wall or column, then select any position from its 360° swivel and 40° tilt to send cooling exactly where it’s needed to cool employees, clear smoke and fumes, or keep pesky insects away. Thoroughly tested in the world’s only fan research and development laboratory, Sweat Bee will stand up to the most rigorous of industrial environments.

Sweat Bee is available in 18 and 30-inch models, made to burrow into tight spaces to bring the power of airflow exactly where it’s needed. Sweat Bee is handcrafted in the USA of industrial-grade components to exacting Big Ass Fans standards. With a barrel constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel for long term durability and reliability and a ball bearing motor precisely matched to airfoil/hub assembly for superior performance, Sweat Bee is built to last. For a fan that can take serious abuse and stay in use, see Yellow Jacket.

producer: big ass fans
period: 2012

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