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Mudguard. Plume.


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Although there are already plenty of good bicycle fenders out there, some people don’t like the way they rattle around, while others think that they detract from the looks of the bike. One option is to use something like the QuickFix, which is a fold-flat rear mudguard that attaches to the frame in seconds. The Plume, however, takes a different approach – it’s a mudguard that recoils like a metal tape measure when not in use.

Invented by Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing, the Plume is made from a thin, flexible sheet of stainless steel, encased in a flexible polymer. Simply put, Plume is a mudguard; a fender for your bike to keep rain, chemicals, and mud off your back. But it’s more than just a mudguard. Plume is a streamlined, recoiling mudguard which complements the look of your bike. Plume looks as good when it’s protecting your back from muddy street water as it does when it’s coiled away.

Plume extends out into a sleek fender or recoils back into a tight circle under your seat with the gentle press of a finger, even if you’re in motion. To top it off, Plume uses resilient, street-tough materials (stainless steel and a flexible polymer) so you can trust it to stand up to some nasty conditions. Also, Plume is kind of sexy. Whether it’s coiled up into a minimal circle, or elongated and catching street splatter, your bike is going to look good.

In order to first install it, the bicycle’s seat post is removed, squeezed through the rubberized mounting ring, then put back on the bike. This minimizes the chances of the Plume subsequently being stolen, and allows it to accommodate different seat post diameters – although fat mountain bike posts are still too big for it, so far.

Plume was designed to be difficult to steal. Its stainless-steel spine wraps around your bicycle’s seat post. Plume also attaches to a wide variety of seat post sizes, which makes installation easy, and removes the need for extra clumsy shims or spacers. Modern, easy to use and functional, it’s all the modern cyclist needs to keep dry, clean and (perhaps most importantly of all) making sure those clean lines of your favorite steed remain uncluttered.

producer: plume
material: stainless steel

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