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mission rs. mission motorcycles.


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Mission Motorcycles has created a limited run of 40 Mission RS Electric Motorcycles, the highest performing street-legal electric vehicle ever produced. The 160hp 120kWh motor produces 130 ft/lbs of torque at 0 rpm, feats which have lead the incredible electric bike to claim large-margin victories at Laguna Seca, break 60mph in under 3 seconds, and exceed speeds of 150mph, without a single drop of gasoline. In addition, a “GP” performance package is available which provides several suspension and braking upgrades. The absence of a motor or traditional transmission also means less weight and less balance issues and of course, no ordinary set of gages would do for a glimpse of the future such as this, so Mission uses an “interactive dash”, a pressure-sensitive display which also has a complimentary cellular data connection, Bluetooth, turn-by-turn navigation and an integrated HD camera with telemetry overlay. Being uninhibited by the traditional structure of motorcycles has allowed the Mission designers to create a light, perfectly balanced, high-performance, high-precision, eco-friendly sport bike, which comes with a tax credit, just like you’d get with a Prius or comparable electric or hybrid vehicle.

producer: mission motorcycles
period: 2013

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