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Dirty girl gaiters.


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Dirty Girl Gaiters have been adding style and sass to the trails since 2004. Dirty Girl Gaiters are made in America by goddesses from their empire of dirt in Green Valley, Arizona.

Anyone can wear black gaiters! But a dirtXy girl’s gotta do what a dirtXy girl’s gotta do! Accessorize! Dirty Girl Gaiters keep the debris out of your shoes with ultralight style and sass. And you’ll have something fun to look at while you hang your sorry head and shuffle your tired feet. This soft, comfortable four-way stretch spandeXy uniseXy gaiter weighs less than two ounces. It hooks under the front shoe lace and secures to the back of the shoe with a self-adhesive velcro strip.

Keep the debris out of your shoes with these simple and lightweight trail running gaiters. Something fun to look at too while you hang your sorry head and shuffle your tired feet. With over 40 DG Gaiter designs you can choose a style to match your clothing, backpack or personality.

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